What’s better FX Impact M3 or FX Maverick

It really boils down to personal preference. Both these guns are able to shoot just as well as the other. It really is a hard choice for me some days but if I had to pick just one right now it would probably be the Maverick.

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  1. Jenny Sok より:

    Impact for sure!

  2. Jenny Sok より:

    FX Impact for sure!

  3. skip campbell より:

    i think the best gun they make is the crown.good video moose.

  4. _Ra より:

    maverick puppies writes the rules!!!

  5. raymond memolandes より:

    Thanks fir the info….FX Maverick in compact and sniper in .25……and no your not boring

  6. Mar Vel より:

    Whats the point…people cant get their hands on either of them …

  7. El Lobo より:

    I have a Maverick.30 and an M3 ordered. Both are great guns.

  8. Airgun Slug Slingers より:


  9. Daniel Gandolfi より:

    Thank you for making some sense out of the Maverick-Impact mania. I have an Impact MK2 and the fervor created made me consider, just for a moment, getting the Maverick as well so as to ‘cover all bases’ until one realizes that there are quite a few really good airguns, and new ones as well, on the market today. And all these videos are helping us to understand them better.

  10. George Samios より:

    nice video ….go maverick!!

  11. Mike Colz より:

    Agreed. Next time, be more specific. Have some numbers. Love the channel!

  12. Kendall H より:

    I agree with, pretty much, everything you said. I think the Impact is probably a slightly better tool if you’re into benchrest competitions. But, if you’re “Joe Typical” (which most of us are) out hunting small to medium game, or plinking, either gun fits the bill. Not to mention, the price of the Maverick makes entry into the FX world a little easier for folks on a budget while providing similar performance.

  13. Carlos Carter より:

    Both of those guns are great. ps… i spy with my little eye @6:36 i thought that spider was going to fall on your shoulder. I would have died.

  14. Stedy One より:


  15. Jon Hermann より:

    I have both. For whatever reason I find myself reaching for the Maverick more than the Impact.

  16. Gary Postell より:

    I’m looking for something that just as good but much cheaper and it’s coming soon! May already be out there!

  17. Gary Postell より:

    They do shoot long range pretty good too!

  18. lv2bplayn より:

    Okay, for the efficiency of the Maverick (which is more important to me) and the lower price point, I would go with the Maverick. The capabilities and performance of these two, for what I would use them for, are far too similar to not save about $400 on the price. I’ve actually got an MKII Impact with 600mm in .22. Love the compact version too tho. Seriously thinking about switching up. These superior liners absolutely love the Barracuda Match 21.14’s in the 5.52 head size and the BC will surprise you. I think it’s more than the .039 that they state. Zeroed at 35yds (top of the trajectory curve for my set up) and @905fps, I’m only experiencing a 3.5 mil drop at 100yds. And they are laser accurate.