The most DISTORTED GUITAR tone EVER! (with JPTR FX) #42gsthree

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German producer Kristian Kohle (Aborted, Powerwolf, Hämatom, Van Canto, Eskimo Callboy, Sinister, Benighted) meets Chris from @JPTR FX at #42GEARSTREET, an amazing event hosted by @EytschPi42 to learn about filthy guitar tones!

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  1. Lalramdinthara Khiangte より:


  2. Vicente Bravo Cabezas より:

    How to turn your guitar into a satanic pink noise generator.

  3. Chuck Bontrager より:


  4. Juveri Setila より:

    That is def a lot of distortion


    I love your video’s I ALWAYS get new useable info.

  6. JPTR FX より:

    Finally something i can relate to

  7. Creative Headroom より:

    Now this is an amount of distortion that makes me happy.

  8. Martin von Bargen より:

    Next time my psychiatrist asks me what I’m thinking, I’ll play this to her

  9. BBfanfun より:

    “so that’s my clean sound …”

  10. Johannes Romp より:


  11. rolo より:

    Kristian I love the way you demo gear but consider stop saying See you In Hell. It isnt related to music at all. Just seems superstitous thing people said in the past. Love the crunch gain for musical reasons.

  12. simizz22 より:

    so we have the “all the gain” pedal, now we need the “no mids” pedal

  13. Edwin van Koppen より:

    Love the, make something different style! Make metal dirty again!

  14. Daniel Robert Herr より:

    great smiles an laughs on edits ….

  15. Robert Atkins より:

    just add some white noise to it 🙂 100 tracks of white noise lol

  16. Heavy metal chainsaw - より:

    So much fuzzy gainy goodness. Wow! 🙂

  17. CountNetsrac より:

    Love the sound of the brutzel pedal.
    If you try it in your studi, try a bass with it, too. I have the feeling that could be an interesting combination

  18. Celso Luis より:

    10:58 This sounds like a thunder!!!

  19. Irish Cowboy より:

    Buckle up! If you know, you know.

  20. Anteas より:

    das ist katastrophe 🙂 lol

  21. CrushingAxes より:

    Dude that’s a very different guitar! Awesome!

  22. Andrzej TheThinOne より:

    The funniest dist pedal I’ve seen so far 😀 But it’s giant sounding m/ You’re become the happiest person on the planet, transfering ALL Your misery and pain into Your guitar tone 😀

  23. Josh B. より:

    Alter ist das geil dreckig!

  24. Hopeful より:

    Tone to noise converter

  25. Oliver James より:

    What the fuck was that clean tone? It took me to higher places, angels, demons, beauty, epicness. I demand Kohle clean tutorials hahahaha

  26. CrushingAxes より:

    Dude this Swamp of the Dead is a really cool IR

  27. MeOwOgai より:

    This pedal sounds like all guitar stores in the world playing all together

  28. Nacio Chavez より:

    Definitely fucked up to the max. The actual title should be “How to destroy distortion to the extreme!!!”

  29. Tim's Witan より:

    Wouldve loved to hear a different neck through the pedal. Aluminium necks have that twangy sound that are different.

  30. Jordan Shreds より:

    Always appreciate a good dose of evil in my life. Great content, as always Kohle. I have no idea where I’d use this lol

  31. Dado Simic より:

    Boss Metal Zone sounds like 9th Symphony compare to this.

  32. James Findice より:

    Dude, ..why you not clean? You Only dirty? You like? I wonder….but remember i am just pre production.

  33. Klauth Yksyn より:

    More speakers !!!!

  34. rachel is rachel より:

    This sound like shit dudes!

  35. Wakjob より:

    That guitar is rad AF… Want!

  36. Joshua Reynolds より:


  37. Michael Parkinson より:


  38. Sergio Ribeiro より:

    @7:55 the lightning volt sounds coming Zeus’ trident.

  39. CarcPazu より:

    Absolutely horrible, and not the fun horrible. There’s nothing I like here, those guitars, that pedal and that amp. Not for me. That pedal reminds me that horrible Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal, a real novelty that I bought at an exorbitant price only to realize that nothing good can be done with it, it just farts your whole mix. Anyway… just my two cents.

  40. Sam Izdat より:

    Bro, take the hat off.