GBPUSD Trading Strategy & Analysis: Don’t Miss it!

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In this video, I will be sharing my gbpusd trading strategy so you can watch it to possibly improve your forex trading skillset.

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    Great Sir

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    Great strategies… Reaction not prediction

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    Thank s ❤

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    Thanks Nick for your analysis

  7. Trevor より:

    Great as always why did you use older COT report as a new one came out?

  8. Singo より:

    Im sell and im floating wkwkwk

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    Usdcad pls

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    I can always count on you mr Nick

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    Watch these videos and the daily breakdowns every day. Love when price action and structure are “quite interesting”. Learn every day!

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    Thank you for this premarket analysis. Kindly help me with the COT link. I’m grateful.

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    Hi Nick thanks for the breakdown
    Can you do Eur/Nzd ?