In this video i do air gun hunting with my Fx Impact M3, also known as Mighty Zeus. Air gun hunting pest control is one of my favorite activities as a pro air gun hunter. Mighty Zeus is the most power full air gun i have to do my air gun hunting with and is set up to shoot heavy slugs at high velocities. Pest control is needed on this farm i do air gun hunting due to the over population of pest birds that cause heavy food losses and property damage to structures. The farmers are always great full for my help i give in the form of air gun hunting pest control. With me on my hunting adventures i always take my filming gear with to document and capture this air gun hunting trips and manage to capture some breathtaking high action slow motion videos for hunters out there to educate them and to watch the thrill of the hunt. Join me on this air gun hunting pest control day with my Fx Impact and do not blink or you will miss a high action moment!

Gear Used:
Fx Impact M3 22 caliber
800mm slug barrel
Element Optics Nexus scope
Saber Tactical Bodykit
DonnyFl Ronin Surpressor
Form Rifle Stock Laminate Ar Grip

Canon Ax11 Main Profession
Rode video mic Pro
Go Pro Hero Action camera
Canon D250

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  1. hossien pakseresht より:

    Hello, great as always. Forgive me for this question I’m a novice at Air Gun and I need the video, you showed that you put the first regulator on 200 bar, but in setting the air guns, they say that the pressure of the main capsule should not come under the pressure of the regulator, so how did you set the regulator to 200 bar, how many shots can you have with this setting?The pressure of the main capsule should not be below the pressure of the first regulator or the second regulator.thanks

  2. Joe Hunt より:

    Excellent shooting and definitely looks fun. And super quiet

  3. Mike Simão より:

    Gerhard are h&n slugs still full of grease that is highly difficult to clean? I found that with this grease I had to clean the liner every 50 shots. But if I cleaned the grease, I wouldn’t have that problem.

  4. Pau D Hunter より:

    I like the scope ever…watching here from the philippines…

  5. kikis pamungkas より:

    loyal audience, Indonesia is here

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  7. ELIO RAMOS より:

    Belos abates. Equipamento nota 10, parabéns! (Brasil)

  8. GotDave? より:

    That kid at 8:22 got a double! Great shooting everyone! Great video!

  9. Kevin du toit より:

    Love the intro. As always very well put together.

  10. Zander より:

    Love the video and awesome editing

  11. rizen detorres より:

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  12. Joost van Leersum より:

    Hahahaha, that first two… Let’s groove! 75 yards. Down! Great video as always Gerhard!

  13. Jesse 0311 より:

    Thanks Gerhard. Great shooting and commentary. Blessings

  14. Werner Kruis より:

    Gerhard where in SA can we buy that bag for the cylinder? Thanks

  15. Bret Lawson より:

    YES! Finally someone besides Matt shows us that there are indeed youth shooters in SA! Thanks Gerhard I loved it. As always, great shooting on. your part too. Appreciated the showcasing of the ST tank/range bag and standard FX barrel. Whether intentional or not, it supports Matt/FX recent attack from the angry “Karen”. Be blessed with all that you need.

  16. Alexandre Carvalho より:

    Lindos tiros, cada pancada

  17. Valdir Silva Sousa Nenen より:

    Gosto muito de assite esse canal pq tem muito video show

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  19. Ngor SengHong より:

    Bro can u give me a gun

  20. Ngor SengHong より:

    I want to be a hunter like u my man

  21. Kang Musss Sniper.(KMS) より:

    Perfect shoot

  22. Laltanpuii Puii より:

    Nice bro

  23. Steven La より:

    Hello all the way from Australia, love your videos. Are you able to do a video on all your fx rifles and why you modified them the way you have vs stock. Im also wanting to get an impact but dont want to burn money on mods that wont get me results like you do. Keep up the good work!!!!

  24. Jackie Meyer より:

    Hallo Kevin

  25. Justin Hromek より:

    Awesome footage and slo mo!

  26. Ankita Kirttunia より:

    Does your country’s government allow bird hunting?

  27. Shootn post より:

    Great shooting!!!! Love the intros!

  28. James Holmes より:

    What is the most accurate slug in .22 and or .25 that you have found for shooting 100 yard groups.

    Have you found a slug that can fairly consistently shoot .75 inch or less at 100 yards yet or is 1″ pretty much the best for these guns so far?

  29. SAMSON Hmar Changsan より:

    Perfect shoot ➕ perfect video

  30. kenlum hemang より:

    The red grip i don’t like especially the colour doesn’t the gun

  31. Diogo Salgado より:

    Did you leave the rear reg with 160 bar for all the hunting ? And only change the macro and micro adjustment? Thanks. great vid

  32. stuart surkitt より:

    you will be modeling there designer under ware next. keep em coming my man.

  33. J より:

    Nice shooting! The head shot of the goose was particularly cool. Pesting is good fun. Would be very interested in a guinee fowl hunt. I really do like the videos of hunts for game like the geese, dassies, and other similar sizes. I have been harvesting rabbits with my maverick shorty out to 100 yard in 22. Learning from the crew of you tubers down in SA helped out a lot. Keep it up!

  34. Casper Boo より:

    Another brilliant video Gerhard, first class shooting as always , great watch Cheers

  35. Roy Pijnenburg より:

    Right velocity for the size of an animal?! At 1000 fps you can take down any animal

  36. zacatecano1986 より:

    Of all the hunters , this guy is my favorite !

  37. Eoin Westman より:

    Awesome setup. Well done for getting the juniors involved

  38. Terry Wells より:

    That was some good shooting , and the bag was very nice indeed

  39. kenlum hemang より:

    Ultra cam is nothing special it’s just like normal, 1000 frame per second has to be in the scope cam

  40. lord bänks より:

    You can try the same speed, for example, 23 gr hn slugs and 30 gr hn slugs pentrationi difference .. can be gel or wood .

  41. Janest Hearn より:

    Hi Gerhard jammer om te pla. Met wie kan ek praat om so mk3 te koop. Hier in johanessburg sukkel ek

  42. Danstand Dimis より:

    Nice shot bro…. I want ask you… how much price for the air gun of complete set…

  43. Dalene Briggs より:

    Hi Gerhard I love all your videos and have been watching for a long time and just got my very own PCP and I’m stoked.Please keep up the great videos and even better shooting from Hayden Briggs for KZN ❤️

  44. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Wow…that gun is a head smasher

  45. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    You do an EXCELLENT job explaining everything and SHOWING YOUR 100 YARD GROUP is the way a video should be done. There are a lot of people that will do and buy what you show. I am one of them…thanks Gerhard!!

  46. First Knight より:

    Awesome shooting those pigeons don’t stand a chance any chance a future video can you show how to tune an untunable uk spec fx please

  47. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    So I have a maverick sniper…in order to upgrade to an 800mm slug liner…all I need is the liner itself? Nothing else to get?

  48. Arno Bardori より:

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  49. ธนัญญา เหมือนชาติ より:

    I like you say and smile

  50. Phalanx443 より:

    I could sit and watch Gerhard shoot all day. There’s just something about watching precision shooting that never gets old.
    As for overkill.. it’s highly underrated and I recommend using it at every opportunity!

  51. مهران زمان より:

    Just for uragan

  52. Arjan van der Meer より:

    Those ultra cam footage is absolutely awesome. Seeing the slug flying through the air and hitting the pigeons. Great stuff Gerhard.

  53. andy b より:

    Love the camera shots of the slug coming in from the side. Not seen that done before.

  54. alex tremo より:

    as always!! excellent video bro!! see you from phoenix az united states!!

  55. Fire Storm より:

    I think Gerhard was abused by Starlings when he was young… He has a vendetta against them..

  56. Fire Storm より:

    but Starlings are one of my top targets as well. they are a worldwide scourge !

  57. marcelo dias より:

    Esse canal e muito bom!

  58. Adriano Silva より:

    meu amigo com uma carabina dessa não precisa de camufla gê de longe já a serta ela é muito boa e potente e tem muita precisão é a carabina do meu sonho que pena que eu não tenho dinheiro pra eu comprar eu moro no Brasil

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    Does FORM ship to the US?

  61. Justin Hromek より:

    Does the ronin give you better accuracy/harmonics than a smaller moderator like the tanto? Is it worth experimenting with? Best quality of video I’ve seen!

  62. Erik Robertson より:

    Excellent shooting as always! Great video and put together great! That Impact is like a laser!

  63. James より:

    Loved it

  64. Akhilesh Dewangan より:

    Plz do not kill any birds or animals.

  65. ken padua より:

    hi im youre fan from philipphines.i love hunting here.but i dont have airgun like yours.maybe if you have old airgun can you give me?

  66. Lảng tử Miền Trung condo ss より:

    How many mêtrs am i zêro

  67. Lảng tử Miền Trung condo ss より:

    How many maters do you usually shoot?

  68. Scott Robertson より:

    Fine shooting! Enjoy the slo mo kill shots. The youth shooters was a plesant plus, to see their smiles when the shot connected. Keep up the excellent videos! From USA

  69. DUDY X HUNTER より:
  70. Elvis Minyety より:

    Saludos hermano, exelente video.
    Dime cuánto cuesta ese rifle? Por favor

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    Put Phosphorus on the pellets and they’ll go down in flames~~~

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