epic rat shooting session part 1 atn 4k & FX impact

part 1 of the weekend ratting action , including some footage from POPS who shoot alot with me with his FX impact .22


  1. Cameron Mehall より:


  2. Ahed Numan より:

    i like when you says ofofof you make me laughing nicw shooting

  3. Michael Carey より:

    Nice shooting! Nice video!

  4. Magdalene Bradley より:


  5. Charles Wildman より:

    A quiver, a twitch, a pellet that stings… these are a few of my favorite things!

  6. Donald Lundy より:

    You guys are awesome!!! Excellent shooting and the comments are awesome just a million laughs. You make a lot of the rat’s wish that they kept their head out of the crosshair.