Day In The Life Of A Forex Trader | Short Documentary

✏️ Welcome to a Day in the Life of a Forex Trader short documentary!

Today I’m showing you guys exactly how my day unfolds, from the moment I wake up, to how I prepare for the day ahead, down to the details of my trading work.

Too often we see online personalities showing the best parts of their lives without acknowledging their actual routines and processes, which are some of the most important ingredients for success!

I hope you find this inside look helpful and inspiring in your own life and trading journey.
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00:00 Wake Up (5.15 Am)
00:33 Walk With Pixie (5.30am)
02:45 Morning Cardio In Home Gym (6.00am)
04:50 Cold Shower & Getting Ready (7.00am)
05:04 Bullet Proof Coffee (7.30am)
05:39 Chart Work (8.00am)
11:58 Phone Call With Investors (8.30am)
12:11 Drive To Pt Session (9.30am)
13:51 Pt Session (10.00am)
19:18 Drive Home & Chart Work (11.00am)
22:05 Podcast With Brian Stuart (12.00pm)
23:43 Breaking Fast (1.30pm)
28:27 Pre Gym Prep (3.00pm)
31:36 Gym Session (4.00pm)
32:41 Going Back To Childhood Home (5.00pm)
34:23 Dinner (6.00pm)
35:37 Call With Falcon Fx Coach Abdullah (6.30pm)
38:12 Falcon Yt Premier (7.00pm)
39:20 Evening Routine (8.00pm)
39:46 Engaging With The Community (9.00pm)
40:47 Strategy Refinement (10.00pm)
41:12 Chart Work For Falcon Smb (11.00pm)
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  1. nehemia muunda より:

    So much inspiration mark,, can’t wait to be park of a community of like-minded individuals

  2. Ronaldo Ranyawo より:

    Mark is such an inspiration , I love the transparency and the honesty I’ve is been following for a while now and I’ve made a massive shift in my life in the way I think so I’d like to take this time and thank you Mark and the Falcon team keep doing what you do and know we appreciate it .

  3. ibra jabra より:

    You inspired me a lot thanks MR MARK

  4. Yami Irvin より:

    Ayyyyy i’ve been waiting for this for years this is so awesome

  5. dondonドンドン より:

    Loves it so much! The lifestyle, passion & inspiration!!! Awesome Mr. Mark!!!!

  6. Sep Olumide より:

    Nice video. I sent you a DM on Telegram to connect to the webinar today but you didn’t respond.

  7. Liyema Sibizo より:

    It’s dope Mark!!!

  8. Liyema Sibizo より:

    It’s a dope video, Mark!!!

  9. Ibrahim Raja より:

    Really good day in the life. Love the no nonsense insight into Marks life, which is a far cry from the luxury lifestyle which is often portrayed in this industry.

  10. Prince Dice より:

    So much discipline…you will always be my hero Mark. God bless you.

  11. Chizzy Blessing より:

    Mark is the most genuine guy I knw
    Am lucky to be learning from the best

  12. Phantom MC Reezy より:

    The only actual DAY IN THE LIFE video that goes from start of the day to the end of the day. Took a lot of value from this. Highly appreciated Mark.

  13. Jorge Gonzalez より:

    Mark, thanks for sharing, this is awesome! Love how your daily goals are the backbone of this day in life! Exactly how falcon students envision their day in the life to be! Cheers!

  14. Pierce Boldosser より:

    love it

  15. 0939420303 Miftaax より:


  16. Kenneth Chinedu Igwe より:

    I believe I will master the market like u someday

  17. Dukakis Mulubwa より:

    Great Content Mark Hutchinson.
    Thank you!!!

  18. Orvin より:

    Mark. Try jumping rope 30 mins/day for your cardio. You’ll get lean in no time, and less out of breath.

  19. Satch Huston より:

    Great episode, really great and interesting to see the day in the life of someone that is in the position I am wanting to be myself. Took some nuggets away. Thank you as always Mark.

  20. Munyaradzi Zvavanyange より:

    Great day in the life no bs just stickin to the important things, health, goals.

  21. Connor Smith より:

    aaah man, just got in from work and sat down and watched this! Absolute gem of a video seeing how your fridays are! I really resonated with your trainer as well: top bloke! You’ve been really open about this mate! Awesome quality, and feel very humbled you let us in to your day to day life!! Love it!!

  22. Felix Nandilimbe より:

    wooowwww very nice some inspirations

  23. Your average programmer より:

    Please do more videos like this. It was amazing! Shout out to the videographer for sticking with you and capturing great footage.

  24. frank sbu より:

    Loved seeing this type of content, hope to see more.

  25. Tokelo Choshane より:

    This is Quality work and great insight


    New Subscriber HERE: Love the content

  27. A.n.i.L.Patron より:

    Your life is interesting,simple and your approach seems easy….i’ve been into fx & crypto for over 2 years but i am quite imotional cause i am from a poor background. I am trying to overcome it and hope your words help me…
    I was into gym too and now i am with disc protrusion….my life is a mess now …it’s funny

  28. Craig McDonough より:

    “Just for Today” perfect, I like it, well done and thanks for making video.

  29. Oscar Tshepo より:

    Really moved Mark…first chance I get, I’m joining falcon…I like how everything is based on trading and personal growth.

  30. Lofi Meditation Music より:

    One of the best video out there on YouTube…Mark motivates me soo much by showing the real life goals and not showing the BS…FALCON IS THE BEST OUT THERE…one day i will be the part of this community..

  31. J JVN より:

    Man…don’t stop doing what you do, you inspire a lot of people than you can ever imagine.
    Can’t wait to be part if your community soon

  32. Falcon FX より:

    Thanks for tuning into this long anticipated day in the life! Let us know in the comments which bits really resonated with you and also if you’d like to see more videos like this on our channel?

  33. theHagedoorn より:

    Took so much value from this episode! Love the discipline and drive towards your goals Mark! This really inspired me! Really good day in the life!

  34. SEGUN AJANI より:

    I’m grateful for this channel. Hope to join the community soon

  35. Benjamin Smith より:

    Awesome video, loved how real the whole day felt, rather than just doing things for the camera! (That reaction at the end of the video was my first thought when I heard 7% haha). Only now at the begin of my journey and one thing I loved was seeing how committed you are, even now, to keep growing…

  36. Nadeem Deewan より:

    Your really an inspiration Mark!
    Love you❤

  37. Harry Sawdon より:

    Just for today mentality really hit home for me, such a great philosophy for anyone who is struggling to be present each day – top quality content as always. Shout out to my brother Alex!

  38. Leo Ro より:

    Thanks for the inspiration sir and sharing your life unlike most successful hiding behind the curtain

  39. Johan より:

    A six pack is made in the kitchen not in the gym – Uncle Arnold

  40. omar salum より:

    Isapport you from Zanzibar when will you come

  41. Luphumzo Nahwa より:

    Im out of words. My are tearing up as im i writting this. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  42. Bas Hendrickx より:

    Such an big inspiration you are mark ! Really enjoyed watching this video! Keeping it real like always

  43. C C より:

    I started trading full time at the beginning of the year and I found the hardest part was adjusting to all the free time and trying to find a routine. Nice to see how you plan out your day and have taken some inspiration to apply to mine going forward. Cheers!

  44. Samuel John より:

    When should I invest

  45. Jesse Koehler より:

    Great video. Very relatable and not just flashy life style marketing.

  46. JGG657 より:

    Love the content boss!

  47. FXtom より:

    Do you still use Cymbiotika Mark?! Would love a video on the supplements/bio hacking side of things!

  48. Shubham Fx より:

    Thank you mark, it was amazing, as you said routine is everything and i strongly believe on it , its been 2 year for me to watching falcon fx, listing you also motivates me. and i am very grateful for you.
    today in India we are celebrating teachers day, and because you are my trading coach, i would love to say happy Teachers day mark. thank you.