RATS ON A BOAT | FX Impact MK2 Compact | FX Wildcat MK3 Compact | Patriot Airgun League

Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It’s all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we take you on a first-person view through the stages of the Patriot Airgun League.

Your host,
Roelf Vorster


FX Impact MK2 Compact with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Helix Scope, and DonnyFL Tatsu silencer shooting 18gr JSB pellets at 880fps

FX Wildcat MK3 Compact with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Helix Scope, and DonnyFL Tatsu silencer shooting 18gr JSB pellets at 880fps

Bipods: AccuTac BR4 G2


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
Side-Shot Scope-Cam with a Firefly 8SE
DJI Mavic Drone

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  1. Isyono 62 より:

    that’s awesome!

    from Bali, Indonesia,


    Hadir nyimk kawn.

  3. rizen detorres より:

    Sana all my fx airgun me

  4. jeanfix40130 より:

    Thank you Roelf for this great film, felicitation at your wife, maggie too competitive, bravo !!!

  5. Gordon Smith より:

    Some tricky stages in that competition. Well done to both Maggie and Tielmann. Might have to borrow one or two of those ideas for my own home range! Thanks.

  6. Bali hanting より:

    greetings from Indonesia


    Wes jos tenan lek..

  8. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Rats on a boat….the next RMAC event

  9. GotDave? より:

    That looks like a really good test of overall shooting skills! Those moving rests show just how important it is to have a solid rest when hunting! Congrats to both of you!

  10. Kiagengselo Sorenglogo より:

    Maggie still studying

  11. Thomas Kelly より:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  12. Casper Boo より:

    This was brilliant , really enjoyed it, and well done to Maggie and the other shooters Cheers

  13. Youtobe Benz より:

    Quá yếu

  14. Thomas Beauchamp より:

    Very nice change, lots of smiling faces (the ones you could see). Hoped Maggie would have done better but looked like nerves and maybe scope magnification setting got the better of her. She appeared to have a hard time finding which target was hers.

  15. yoss shooter より:

    Nice match

  16. Fern Rucci より:

    That was great much different than your hunting videos however just as good would like to see more.

  17. George Deeds not words より:

    That looks like sooo much fun ! I think I need to find something like that here in Michigan . Its like golf only better ! A contest against yourself but with friends . God , guns , and girls life is good !

  18. Johan Wiid より:

    Lekker Roelf, was great competing alongside Tielman and Maggie. The scopecam footage is quite a useful post shoot analysis tool. Tielman needs to work on keeping the rifle level 😉 I need to get a bipod. Its shocking to see how much more stable the bipod made things on the bench and boat.

  19. weirhauch 100 より:

    I understand from this video that we need real practice to hone our shooting skills ! Nice video!

  20. Big Kahoona より:

    I think you didn’t compete because you’re wife would beat you

  21. Eoin Westman より:

    Wow well done everyone. Looked like great fun.

  22. Frank Bollotino より:

    That was hard , I don’t think I would do well at that !

  23. leftymadrid より:

    How fun that was! 🙂 🙂
    Yeah, some of those “moving” positions were rather tough!

  24. Chris Figueroa より:

    Awesome video looks very hard to do im sure it is thanks for sharing bsafe guys


    I hope that everything works out and it just a tournament and we can’t all be winners you can only do one’s best.

  26. Bret Lawson より:

    That was a lot of fun to watch. Man that is some crazy movement on the “boat”. Great shooting all and thank you for sharing this Roelf would be nice to have something like that around here where I live.