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Trade To Survive Episode 6 we get to know Trev, his debut into the Forex world and all the various jobs he went through while trying to learn FX. Get a unique insight into his trading and take a look at how his journey lead him to the FX Cartel to become more than just a Trader.


Trade To Survive is a YouTube series brought to you by FX Cartel, with the aim of showing what life is like at the UK’s leading forex community whilst also getting to know some of the best retail traders and how they started. The idea for this series came after a lot of comments saying “if they can do it, why can’t I?” Therefore we aim to show that regardless of backgrounds and beliefs, you can also succeed as well.

FX Cartel is the number one place for forex education, from entry level to in person courses. Created back in 2018 by Sebastien Dub
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Main Media Team:
Daniel Hempshall – Editor/A Camera
Dylan Skinner – Editor/B Camera

Cars ’N’ Charts Team:
Steven Jones – C Camera
Luke Gale – FPV/Drone Pilot
Jack Eastman – Sound Recordist

Main characters:



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    How to like you sir

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    Trading & having fun with friends. Love it

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    Great video, I like the look of the community. When you’re trading it’s such a lonely road when you’re alone. I’m thinking about applying for the chart analysis

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    Great video again, well done to Trev and the team, brilliant lad to work with and I hope that came across in the video. So please like comment and subscribe!!!!!! Gregg next I cannot wait

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    Great video man! Congratulations on the success.

  8. kevin monge より:

    What is Trevs IG?

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    Guys keep up the hard work. Its not easy what you have achieved.
    Thanks Almighty for giving us the brain to work things out.

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