From selling sweets to being a Forex Millionaire -Belly Fx (Part1) | My Journey Ep9

In today’s episode Belly Forex killer shares how he started trading forex. In the episode belly shares how he started selling Sweets in highschool and how that hustlers spirit helped him become a millionaire forex trader.



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  1. Benjamin Lagacy より:

    How can someone from. Uganda access this forex trading

  2. KA TLE GOH より:

    Nas100 Zakes Next

  3. Ashcon より:

    Most of ypur interviews are with scammers its like u promoting them

  4. Leepile Taunyane より:


  5. Lesley Jennings より:

  6. Teboho Ephraim より:

    Wabona dis boys with hubbly nxa

  7. Tiliki Kopiet より:

    Can we have more ladies also

  8. 5taceyR より:

    You interview any Traders regardless of How *Damaged Reputations* they have. I respect your courage. Keep up the great work!!

  9. KingN DaFirst より:

    I usually would follow and watch more videos but after watching this dude lemme go sleep cause ayi no mahn

  10. Steady_ Aiz より:

    Its good that’s you getting these traders big up but put some work on your questions bro its should be a conversation bro not an enterview.

  11. Gefte Machivene より:

    According to his IG his time line of events is completely off and it’s sounding sketchy… From IG his been profitable since 2019 when he got his car

  12. Saint Bucks より:

    Belly was not professional but hai, the interview was good I guess

  13. Nhlanhla Zulu より:

    Ai this guy mos why won’t you tell us who your mentors are…you whack bro

  14. Liteboho Manare より:

    He got his first house before age 25 and some 35yr old is out there @mokhukhu calling him a scammer, Bigupps! Black boy! You made it

  15. Maidils Basic Trading より:

    i must say that belly not acting professional he blwing circles not focus on the interview looking at tv etc

  16. Maidils Basic Trading より:

    his acting very immature on this interview , blowing circlesnot taking note

  17. TMAN MT より:

    Worst boring Guest in the history of Youtube. Its like he doesn’t want to be interviewed on this channel.

  18. Goodluck Nzubechi より:

    Looks like this guy is drunk

  19. Mike, South Africa より:

    How I wish people could stop telling the guy how to interview his guests bcz if you’re say it must not an interview but a conversation, it sounds to me like u don’t want him to ask the right questions that people would have liked to ask. Moguy, go on ask those questions bcz you’re are helping scores of people out there. Thanks very much.