.22 Cal Fx impact M3 PCP Air Rifle iguana Removal Job!! iguanas Over-Run Florida Backyards!!!

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    Love your vids keep on killing iguanas

  2. Yoki Sturrup より:


  3. Matt Bond より:

    What the hell was that thing

  4. WebDev Dude より:

    Their all over my backyard

  5. D Hansel より:

    Ninja…. Question…. How long have you had the Gamo Swarm G2 pellet gun? Have you had any problems with it?
    About how many pellets have you shot through it?

  6. Adamz Newchild より:

    You needs slugs for that FX and a barrel liner for that FX and a grip under that air tank in time you can damage it. In the bag

  7. Jay Washington より:

    The amount of cowboy boots that y’all can make

  8. Ammamaria Nissie より:


  9. Harry FP より:

    Using the under powered break barrels when you were just gifted a nice gun it’s not really fun to watch honestly

  10. R.s より:


  11. Andell Bowen より:

    Can I help!!!!

  12. D Hansel より:

    It’s bad enough free-handed shooting from land much less from a wobbling John Boat.

  13. kerry ward より:

    you boys need to re zero your guns… the past 2 or 3 videos you havnt been whacking them like you normally do !!!!!

  14. Dean F より:

    I think some kind of an aluminum long-handled, long-tined rake or cultivator on the the boat as a gaff for finding lost or sunken iguanas would be super-helpful. And Ninja, I have shot all my life -you are good. I would suggest that you use a monopod gun rest especially on the boat. Love to see you and Raj; “PUT’ EM IN THE BAG!”

  15. john madsen より:

    very god to se Fx impact M3

  16. Cheryl Adams より:

    Doing an excellent job considering the boat is moving. Really appreciate what you are doing for the environment

  17. David1200 より:

    seems like your pellets could ricochet into the homes (when they are in background and you miss)

  18. Ray Hall より:

    Yeah been waiting for the FX ,

  19. UK BB より:

    That was one tough iguana!

  20. Rahutis Blackwell より:

    Look like y’all need a 30 caliber. Too many shots taken with the 22. What’s your thoughts on that.

  21. Kurt Wong より:

    I would like to see the .25 FX in action—no more break barrels.

  22. SWEDALH BETTA7 より:

    Di Indonesia laku mahall nihh mr.man iguana

  23. eldjwr より:

    .22 cal just not cutting it. Need a higher cal for the bigger ones.

  24. Shannon Bland より:

    If you can’t get a head shot, then you dont need to shoot. That was the most unethical shot that i have ever seen! You should really practice more before you hunt. Your supposed to be a professional.

  25. Temsu Lkr より:

    Give ninja da guns n he’ll do way better jobs than u…

  26. taylor より:

    Funny that out of all the guns you guys have…Ninja is using the ol’ faithful Gamo.

  27. Stan Wiggins より:

    So how many were sunk and lost because you couldn’t get to them in time? Don’t you hate it when that happens, either because they had enough left in them to swim away somewhat, or the depth doesn’t allow you to see and recover them?