Y The Last Man Review – FX on Hulu 2021

Y The Last Man REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review of Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 on FX on Hulu 2021! Show based on the comic book!
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Y The Last Man REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and review of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5 & Episode 6 of Y The Last Man with no spoilers! Does this series do the original comic book by Brian K Vaughan justice?! Share your own reaction before you watch each full episode of Y The Last Man in 2021 on FX on Hulu! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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So Much Potential – 00:00
Brian K Vaughan – 00:36
Difficult Development – 1:48
New & Good Ideas Added – 2:14
Trans Characters – 2:37
Elliot Fletcher – 2:59
Ashley Romans – 3:30
All Female Cast – 4:11
Hello Fresh – 5:07
Yorick Miscast – 6:32
Other Problems – 8:00
Ideas Over Characters – 8:36
Episode 6 – 9:33
Conclusion – 10:26

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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  1. Wass Patrol より:

    I mean she thought Cinderella was one of the best movies of the year, so this show is probably really good

  2. Alyssa K. より:

    When I saw the trailers for this show I was afraid of something like this happening. Too bad, I too thought it had so much potential from just concept alone. I will definitely have to check out the comic, I had no idea it was based on one.

  3. Maumes より:

    Hey grace, just want to point out that sexuality isn’t the same as GENDER IDENTIFICATION! Nice video, I’m not interested in the show but maybe if it was on Netflix I would watch it!

  4. Salah J. より:

    Dammit, was hoping it would be good. Really enjoyed the comics

  5. Maxi Iroh より:

    My favorite comic.

  6. JLAR 17 より:

    I didn’t even know this had started filming, much less that it was already coming out

  7. Cambelus The Creator より:

    Elliott Fletcher was in Shameless

  8. Beta Ray Bill より:

    Wow, that was some……review. You probably did me a solid to avoid this.

  9. Nick Martinez より:

    grace, please stop referring to trans men as “women who transformed into men.” they’re just men who had to transition. i understand that you’re doing your best though!

  10. Mark Anderson より:

    Vaughn says SAGA is impossible to adapt but I think it would make a incredible animated series ala Invincible! So disappointed to hear this falls flat though, I just finished the first book and thought the whole time “wow I can’t wait to see this on the screen”

  11. MR3D-Dev より:

    Would watch but not adding yet another streaming service to my monthly bill

  12. Dominique Odom より:

    All I kinda wanted to see was the emotional whiplash that wouldve occurred if all men died.
    It’s kinda of insulting they don’t show any Women Mourning over their Male Loved ones and its like they are trying to send a message.

  13. jerrett barkley より:

    I don’t care about identity. I care about actual character.. I know that’s controversial but why is it controversial?

  14. MagicCarpetRide より:

    Guess I’ll just reread my comics then. Not surprised how the show turned out, especially in today’s Hollywood.

  15. Gary Dodd より:

    Ah Grace! Dont say this, i was so looking forward to this, i dont read comics but Dystopian Sci-Fi is usually my Jam…

  16. Chase Leibenguth より:

    A lot of shows nowadays have a lot of plot threads, all competing over being the main plot, where there are half a dozen main characters, each with their own full arc.

    When done well, it makes for a great show!

    More often, it’s not done well in my opinion, and it just leads to some plotlines that are just less interesting depending on the viewer and a massive decompressed storyline that takes forever to go anywhere (which can be exacerbated even more by the former point on some of those plotlines being uninteresting).

  17. IT より:

    Oh no not a Meghan McCain type character. How dreadful lmao.

  18. messias5391 より:

    Did anyone really think this series would be good?

  19. Andrew Hoult より:

    Problem is taking something from several years ago and then “adapting” it to current norms is very difficult. Why not just make something original and stop all these remakes and “adaptations.”

  20. Chris より:

    Hollywood 101: Adapt a book, anime, or comic and change it where it’s a completely different story from the source material then blame it on the fans for not watching it.

  21. earth star より:

    It always amazes me when studios get amazing, well written, compelling, interesting, and already beloved stories and they manage to ruin them instead of just adapting them.

    Opportunities for actresses and trans individuals aren’t Opportunities if the material is junk. Think Rose Tico. Not all representation is good.

  22. Chris Tarzan Hayward より:

    Not healthy if it’s not whole food plant based or from animal consumption you human supremacists

  23. Jayden Kaplan より:

    Can u review the new dexter when it comes out

  24. Chris より:

    Dylan O’Brien would’ve been a good Yorick.

  25. Ryan Potter より:

    You can retitle it to “Here’s Y The Last Man is Sh!t…”

  26. Ibrahim Asscandy より:

    Well, to be fair, they are also missing the frank and beans.

  27. Brent Mohrman より:

    Lol. The Y chromosome is definitely a technicality. It’s what makes a male a male. The end.

  28. Tony S より:

    All female cast….skip.

  29. H1vey より:

    “Not having a Y chromosome is just a technicality” lol say what?

  30. Mrbobert より:

    I didn’t even know this was a thing, because I’ve never seen one trailer or advertisement for it anywhere

  31. Muff Ridah より:

    Randy Savage should have played Yoric, he was amazing as Strong Woman in a recent performance.

  32. G Stone より:

    They Also replaced Timothy Hutton with Paul Gross.

  33. Cpt Clown より:

    It’s really just a technicality? Lol yeah it’s called biology lol

  34. Mauricio Latorre より:

    “All they are missing is the Y chromosome” ummm there might be something else missing equally important lol.

  35. G Stone より:

    Imogen Poots and Lashana Lynch were also replaced.

  36. jose giron より:

    this should of gone to HBO imo, it deserves that big old hbo budget treatment and excellence HBO is known for cuz its such an amazing comic book

  37. ray black より:

    Stop ✋ The Hello Fresh madness

  38. junior ruiz より:

    Modernize the source material = Garbage!!!

  39. BigFootsDick GoesFirst より:

    In an apocalyptic scenario, wouldn’t the person go back to the original form without any drugs?

  40. keim73 より:

    I know a lot of casting people who worked on this… so rocky but I’m interested

  41. David より:

    Garbage show

  42. François Michel より:

    Besides one guy ALL men die, that includes trans women because they are…not women

  43. scottcoz より:

    That’s too bad. I also was a big fan of the comic – Vaughan’s an incredible writer. I’ll watch it, anyway, and perhaps with diminished expectations, I’ll actually enjoy it a little more? 🙂

  44. jose giron より:

    i’m truly sad bruh, this is one of those projects I’ve been wanting for such a long time and for them to botch it is making me really wanna cry honestly, would of rather they buried the show and just swallowed the lost, IDK grace you hit a dagger through my little heart right now lol I’ll give it a try to see whats up maybe I’ll have a different opinion but Damn damn damn !!!!!!

  45. J より:

    Is “male warrior teaming up with a female magician” an actual established “trope”? I suppose you mean ‘witch’ for the most part? But how often does that happen in film and tv?

  46. Kai Bishop より:

    I’ve only read a few comics in this series in a disjointed order, back in like 2011-2012 they had a few issues at my public library. Sucks to hear this might not be great but I’ll probably still check it out. I’m still waiting for a Fables adaptation lol.

  47. Jh5578 より:

    Anton Yelchin would have been the best possible Yorick

  48. Obi-wan Shinobi より:

    Thumb nail says uh oh.

  49. Omar Wilcox より:

    They need to keep this wokeness crap out of our shows and stories we deal with it enough in real life

  50. Rafael Ortiz より:

    Watched the first episode and stopped lol

  51. Stephen Sommers より:

    I expected as much. Oh dear.

  52. Bobby より:

    FX is only good for Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  53. Bigbubbybadass 1 より:


  54. derek lundblad より:

    ugh youre doing commercials now????? gross what a dissapointment Grace smh

  55. Adrian Mendoza より:

    That’s unfortunate. I will still watch.

  56. Jack Walsh より:

    Hi Grace, just a heads up because I’ve seen you’ve done it before in Eternals videos – Barry Keoghan is an Irish actor and his name is pronounced “Key-Oh-Wen”. 🙂

  57. Jack Barry より:

    Oh Grace you forgot about Boys Don’t Cry tho that role was played by a cis woman. But yes FTM does not have nearly enough representation.


    Hi Grace! Hope you are doing great. I don’t know why, but whenever you talk about Hello fresh, it feels so cozy and homely. As always , keep up the great work. Cheers.

  59. Keith Kamikawa より:

    Majority of Hollywood today = “Idea based not character (story) based.” Nobody needs “idea men/women.”

  60. Jerome Wanliss より:

    Usually my tastes are the opposites of grace’s in regards to film and tv (which i appreciate) so I’m looking forward to this show a lot now lol.

  61. K DC より:

    thx for the review.

  62. Jag Jag より:

    Wokeness over substances. Well if Grace doesn’t like it, who will?

  63. Jacob Van Ness より:

    This is probably one of, if not, my favorite comic series of all time. Sad to hear it didn’t turn out so well. I’ll still give it a chance, but this doesn’t sound hopeful.

  64. Apple Pye より:

    That’s the problem with shows today. More idea and idealism based and less character and story based. Lazy writing.

  65. Barry Hammock より:

    Comic book shows and movies are never as good as the source material. Just look how Zack Snyder screwed up Watchmen.

  66. Invincible Phantom より:

    Zachary Levi would have been a great lead

  67. T Wall より:

    Grace feels like Yorick cut a distinct male presence and stood out in the comics. That’s interesting because I had the complete opposite take. I always felt like Yorick was intentionally bland and forgettable. Also, he often did blend in with the women until he would blow his disguises.

    It’s funny how 2 ppl can read the same thing and have the opposite takes. Lol.

  68. Ranger Davis より:

    I thought it was supposed to be a really good Fantasy Movie, not a social justice project. Can you review a movie on its merit and not it’s social stance. I am really beginning to hate you. WAS IT A GOOD movie withstanding the SJE aspects. I really cannot watch you anymore.

  69. Akash Pathak より:

    Grace watch Kota Factory on Netflix!

  70. Glaaki13 より:

    Damn I was looking forward

  71. rfluth70 より:

    well thats depressing.

  72. MovieFrenzy AllNite より:

    Are you gonna review Kate?

  73. theylied1776 より:

    Yeah, this Jesse’s not my kind of show.

  74. Evi Ehvee より:

    I love BKV. He’s still my favorite comic book writer/writer. Can’t wait for Saga and I will be watching this entire series. Sucks to hear it doesn’t seem to be that good though.

  75. Krishna Manoj より:

    Oh no.

  76. MAN art より:

    3:00 The technicality comes to relevance in this scenario it seems. Though even in our world might be relevant in a similar way in the future depending of how much “gattaca” we come to be.

  77. Damian Thompson より:

    why the hell didnt they just make it like the comic!? yet again another show spoiled to push agenda’s.

  78. herbertson lee より:

    I haven’t read this comic in ages

  79. Tony Yayo より:

    Thx for the timestamps….can easily jump past the meal kit ads

  80. MAN art より:

    That’s a weird poster. No Yorik?