200 Watts of Insanity: JPTR FX

Chris Jupiter and I take the new 200 Watt OHMACHT for a spin at 42 Gear Street. If you’re into Stoner Rock, this is the amp you’ve been waiting for.. It’s insanely powerful & has that wonderful sludge! Check out JPTR FX at:

The Intro & Outro song – “The Eagle Has Landed”

Get the Tracks to THE EAGLE HAS LANDED:

Reaper skin is “Fusion Beta”

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  1. nishad nadkarni より:

    Oh boy I’m early

  2. Andrew T より:

    Who exactly are these British people with bad teeth? I keep hearing about them but never see any evidence

  3. Loch Ro より:

    I’m glad to see you playing some truly dirty sounding amps

  4. Dead Goon より:


  5. Thomas Allison より:


  6. Ritchie J より:

    Sounds banging

  7. Codename Cuervo より:


  8. jordan secrist より:

    Is it a paraphonic symth pedal or something

  9. 00- より:

    Listened 5 sec, sounded fuckin horrible amp. 😀

  10. Skog より:

    Nice amp and video Glenn! But I prefer my Oranger Cr 120. Just love that thing especially the dirty channel.

  11. ElectricGypsy Blues より:

    Leslie West played Sunn amps in Mountain

  12. Sean Trottier より:

    I have some JPTR FX pedals, and they are beasts of filth and punishment. So stoked to see he’s into amps.

  13. JPTR FX より:

    These amps make glenn shred

  14. MAN Network より:

    Dude said the 30 watt is loud like a Plexi. Watts don’t determine volume, but they do imply headroom.

  15. Makozer より:

    For those non-germans:
    Ohmacht contains:
    Ohm -> Ohm ( electric resistance )
    Macht -> Might ( Mighty Amp! )
    Ohmacht ( wordplay, original “Ohnmacht” ) -> unconscious

  16. Lash Donohue より:

    Ehh. Don’t know how I feel about these amps. Way dark. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just don’t know.

  17. Rick In Seattle より:

    Want that lil guy. I always use kt88 on modelers. Love that tone. Will poo my loo if I can own the real thing.

  18. undrpaidtekmnky より:

    There’s so much fuzz there that I want to wrap it around me on a cold winter’s day! Lol

  19. Jester Charon より:

    I still want a Model T so bad….. damn resell market and skyrocketing prices….

    I guess Ill just keep playing with my 100w JMP Super Lead…. sigh

  20. TheGuitarGeek より:

    Man, those amps are superb!

  21. Jeremy Thornton より:

    Hey Glenn! Great sow, man. Thanks.Question, what kind of coffee do you prefer in your aero press? Do you grind your own beans? I love coffee and I’m just wondering.

  22. Nathaniel Mabis より:

    Been waiting for this one, love my ’69 200s

  23. no one より:

    Shaking the sounds out of the guitar

  24. everyinchtheanimal より:

    Aluminium for those that speak actual English and don’t change words because they’re too hard