When you let GOT7 JACKSON WANG and Fx AMBER in one show|crackhead moment

Hi Everyone
This video is about the good friendship
Of Amber and Jackson
And how everything started (as friends)
So recently RYCE ENT. Collaborated with TEAM WANG when it comes to music
And now they have revealed that their
Second artist will be AMBER from fx 🙂

Watch the full video to know
More about it

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  1. sxgarcloudies より:

    :0 I’ve never been this early to any video, and the fact that I randomly entered youtube without even noticing that it had just come out 🙂

  2. Zion Fanu より:

    We need more of this

  3. makk より:

    I love their friendship…literally love every friendship Jackson has with everybody and he’s literally friends with just about everybody!

  4. My Husband Is International PlayBoy より:

    Let’s just agree no matter which fandom you belong to you have a soft spot for Jackson.

  5. Deniz Eski より:

    jackson love

  6. Sonia より:

    Didn’t she said she liked men ?