RMAC | FX Impact | The Most Accurate Air Rifle in the World

We had the great pleasure of competing in the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge this year. Once again FX rifles dominated the bench rest competition, but one of them in particular is potentially the most accurate air rifle in the world. The Utah Airguns custom shop really outdid themselves with this rifle! For the millionth time on our channel, watch “Godzilla” in action! Here are the specs…
FX Impact MKII
700mm STX pellet liner wrapped in a carbon fiber sleeve.
Scope- Element Optics Nexus
Accu-Tac Bipod
FX No Limits scope rings.
DonnyFL Ronin
Saber Tactical Monopod, Extended Rail, Bag Rider, Adjustable Buttstock.
44 grain FX Pellet at 880 FPS
Reg set at 90 BAR
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    Congrats bro!!

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    Congratulations that’s awesome shooting well deserved

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    Massive congratulations Keith, amazing shooting.

  5. Bubble One より:

    I knew when I saw you were going you would win. I only wished Las Vegas had odds on this, I would have cleaned up. You deserved it. Awesome shooting brother.

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    Congratulations to the RECORD SETTER

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    Redundant I know Keith, but you deserve a second congratulations for rom me. I just knew you had the qualifications to win. All the best to you and yours.

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    Congratulations. !!

  10. GotDave? より:

    Awesome video man!
    Congratulations on your win!
    Thanks for taking the time to film all that stuff so we could see it!

  11. Bret Lawson より:

    I do believe I have watched this video at least 5 times….love it, love it, love it! Can’t wait to see what happens next and to reap the benefits of seeing it happen. RMAC is on my bucket list to at least attend if not shoot. Good on ya man!! Bask in the glow that should never go away.

  12. Casper Boo より:

    Fantastic job Keith, im well chuffed for you mate, many congrats from across the pond , so well deserved brilliant Cheers

  13. air gun fun より:

    great shooting and video we all love the whiskey channel keep up the great work

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    Congrats brother! That was awesome!! Man, if you would have won both this and the AAC show, you would be sitting in the dough! LOL

  15. Heath Halfhill より:

    Awesome. Congratulations! Super cool event.

  16. Supreme Renegade より:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, other then maybe Norman haha. But seriously, you earned it man. You both should be proud, can’t wait to see what you guys bring in the future. Congrats

  17. Justin Hromek より:

    Little did you know that All those windy days that you and norm were putting up with was just part of the preparation to win RMAC!
    You deserve it and I couldn’t be happier for you. That’s a day you’ll never forget

  18. Michael Massar より:

    Way to go Keith great shooting

  19. Rowdy Flyer1903 より:

    Not much of a review of the gun.

  20. Carlos Carter より:

    Great Job! I can imagine that all the other guys shooting are going to start shooting pigeons at 300 yards for practice before the event next year so they can learn the wind and be able to hold as steady as you do!

  21. Terry Wells より:

    Brother you did a awesome awesome job I was waiting on this video congratulations

  22. Larry Coleman より:

    Excellent! We fight the winds everyday here, as well. Well except in the hottest days of summer when you wish you had wind, LOL. Love your channel and prayed for your success at RMAC. You have been blessed. It was no doubt your time and place in history. You earned it, well done! Love to make that trip myself someday. Looks like a great time.

  23. KevinWood44 より:

    I told you to go represent NY and boy did you!!! So happy for you Keith! An air rifle champ from NY!! That must piss off all the guys out west =)

    My M3 came in the mail TODAY!!!! I’d love to come shoot with you guys someday, or I’ll just take care of the pigeon problem in Central Park =)
    (JK Karen’s)

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    Congratulations i knew you could shoot,,,,,,,Perfect!!!!!!!!!, 68. WHISKEY,,,,love following u guys

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    Congratulations! Beyond awesome.

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    Hell yeah Brother excellent skills and one hell of a video! It was very exciting for me to be there to witness and meet so many great people and your video brought back that excitement for me. Your support team is the best with the wife always by you’re side stashing your cig butts so some NCO don’t chew your ass! Lol And your bad ass gentle giant best buddy Norm always there covering your 6. Its so Awesome that Justin noticed your potential so early and helped you out along the way. You Kieth are a very very fortunate Man!

  27. Fred Ferrara より:

    Congratulations Keith, POI I’m an 80 year old newbie. Really got interested in air guns after watching you guys have a ball. I’m a ex New Yorker born & raised now relocated in Arizona. After watching you Norm & Steve I’ve decided to purchase a 30 Cal FX Impact from Utah Air Guns. Again many thanks for your video’s.

  28. Chris B より:

    Damn dude! Excellent shooting!

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    HOLY SMOKES, Congrats!!!!!!!!
    I knew that AEA HP Carbine would work for you. JK. Congrats to Godzilla too. I say Norm get to shave your hair anyway.

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    Congrats on your big win brother. Great shooting and I love the channel

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    Job well done at the RAMC , congratulations Keith .



  33. William The 3 より:

    Is there any books or websites to teach you how to dial for pellet drop. I understand the concept but not how to know how far you need to dial it

  34. GHchaser84 William Col より:

    Congratulations Keith on a great shoot!

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    Just awesome

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    Congratulations fantastic win brilliant shooting well deserved it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

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    Been waiting for this one. Congratulations ! When does your marksmanship school open?

  38. Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea より:

    You kicked that ass man !!!! One day I’m gonna get to sign that wall at Utah Airguns 🙂

  39. John より:

    BAD ASS good job how is the WIFE GOING TO SPEND IT

  40. FX Pest Operator より:

    Our Keith has become an American Hero!!!!!!!! As I said YEARS ago,,,,,,,, “The Living Legends of 68 Whiskey!!!!” Congrats Brotha!!!!!

  41. jaret davies より:

    congratulations, nice shooting and great videos. keep up the good work!

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    Well done, so deserved, top geezer… so liked over here… so pleased for you 🙂

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    Congratulations! You are beast man! A hug from Brazil.

  44. MarkLondon より:

    Hello mate, Bloody hell…Brilliant job…very impressive sunshine! …
    I noticed that you have the LRA Send-iT on your gun now…I just did a Part 1 “Basic Review” on my “new” YouTube Channel (Farm Pest Management – Airgun) on the LRA Send-it…(Thank you again for all your encouragement and kind words)
    I am going to also do a Part 2 on shooting longer distances and showing the importance of a good level…
    Cheers, and congratulations again mate!
    Mark at:
    Farm Pest Management – Airgun

  45. Scott Michael より:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this channel!! Way to go boys! And congratulations on being #1!! You earned it bro! Way to represent boys!!!!

  46. Nephtali Lucero より:

    Please review the Katran. Will they be making regulated guns soon?

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    Congrats to you Keith.

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    Congrats Keith! Followed 68 whiskey from the time I first heard of you from air gun podcast. Everything you do to put into your channel and work and family beyond that. Wow well deserved!

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    Happy for you guys congratulations once again. Thank you for sharing Tom LI NY