Air gun hunting with my new FX Impact has just become more fun adding the new Fx Impact Barrel Tuner to it for my FX Impact pest control. The Fx Impact barrel tuner allows you to do hunting even better because of increased accuracy and making hunting or pest control more fun. In this air gun hunting adventure i take you on a journey of pest control with my Fx Impact shooting pest birds and rats. This farm has big pest problems and air gun hunting is needed to keep the numbers in check. The Fx impact m3 is the best air gun ever made for hunting and precision shooting. I love doing pest control on farms and i love to document my profession as a professional shooter. Join me for a high action air gun hunting adventure and see how i take these pest birds and rats down with air gun hunting methods filmed with high action cameras filming in 1000 frames per second.

Gear Used for air gun day hunting:

Fx Impact 700mm
Hn 30gn slugs
Element Optics Nexus Scope
Saber Tactical Body Kit
Donny Fl Ronin Silencer
Fx Integrated barrel tuner
Accu-Tac Bipod

Gear Used for air gun night hunting:

Fx Impact Mk2 PP 500mm
JSB Rs 13gn pellets
ATN X SIGHT 4K Pro 5-20
Donnyfl Tanto SIlencer
Nitecore io7 IR

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    Love from Indonesia ❤️❤️

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    Had a look through one of the newest ATN offerings in the shop there the No1 brand in the U.K. the technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years I’ve two spare slots on my firearms license just for night time rifles I’ll be getting a pard to start with then a ATN eventually do you do any night shooting with your centrefire over there fox shooting is very popular here in the uk great to see another NV hunting video do you guys have many rabbits in SA ?

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    Dude, Thanks for your awesome video!!!

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    Great video and excellent shooting, thanks Gerhard

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    Dor….n long sleeping pigeon.

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    thanks for awesome video and for the night hunting its just for fun

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    I use 23grain H&N but sometimes i cant load the pellets its jam/stuck cant push the lever forward and need to remove the magzin i dont know why any idea what cost this problem….

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    Nice Shot In The Dark.

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    Target rich environment. Great shooting. Thanks Gerhard. Blessings

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    Nice to see some rat hunting from you Gerhard! Do it more ! 😉

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    For 30grains?

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    Nice video, enjoyed the ratting too. I think in UK they are limited to 12fpe and the shooters are quite successful. Thanks for sharing.

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    Supercool video again Gerhard! Is there a reason you aren´t shooting Javelins anymore? I thought you are part of the Patriot Outdoors Company? Best regards from Austria, keep up the good work!

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    Awesome riffle

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    keep the rats droping and the pellets poping

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    Great stuff as usual. .177 on the rats? ( “13 R’s” – Redesigns? ) Tuned down to . . . 12 ft/lbs – less / more? Just curious – it sounded super quiet and was obviously dropping them. Looked like you were holding under on a few of them too? Again – just curious and always looking to learn.

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    Awesome shooting and great action! Beautiful footage and clarity with the video.

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    learn some moral today..awesome video..

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    Nice one….when is this barrel tuner going to be available at patriotic outdoors?

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    Epic shooting and editing Gerhard! Have you ever gone to Argentina to shoot doves? If not you should go some time. If you ever decide to let me know in advance and you can hunt Coypu (30-pound rat) and Doves by the thousands. Would be awesome having you SA boys shoot with us.

  28. Tim John より:

    Outstanding videography and commentary. Very professional.
    It would sure be nice if FX could supply the demand for their products. Been waiting for my M3 since April.

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    Nice video..from indonesia

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    Nice Ratting like it

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    Gerhard, do you have plans to compete at a future RMAC?

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