Back-Yard iguana Pest Control with FX IMPACT M3 .22 Cal Air Rifle!!

Turns out you gotta double check and make everything is nice and tight! Scope, scope rings and pic rail. We tightened everything up Re:ZERO the scope now she is laser accurate today we’re doing Iguana Removal at our homeowners association neighborhood things get a little wild like comment subscribe if you’re new


  1. Richer p Sickert. より:

    I wouldn’t mind them in my backyard. ..I love iguanas…had one for 12 years. I ended up selling him…..

  2. Zaydon Collins より:




  4. GT Morgan より:

    I am so glad you figured out the problem with your FX. I was wondering why you weren’t using it. I would love to own one but don’t have a need like you. Now that you have figured that out you will just need a compresser to keep things running smooth, I can’t wait for the next video. Keep them coming you doing great!

  5. Kurt Wong より:

    I love the FX M3!

  6. L.I Baker より:

    Please bring back the scope slow MO shots they made the videos very interesting

  7. Terry Wells より:

    Seems like you might need to turn it up some to get that one shot one kill . But still I love your videos